Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shoppers Drug Mart-Maximizing Your Optimum Points

With the MEGA BONUS Redemption Weekend coming up, I've had alot of questions on how to get as many Optimum points as apossible before hand in order to really maximize the savings.
Well, here's a few tips!
*Take advantage of Optimum Bonus Offers!-You can always check the Shoppers Optimum Offers page to see the most up to date offers and what you will recieve bonus points for purchasing!
*Buy gift cards you are planning to purchase for the holidays before November 18!-Right now Shoppers has a great promo going that can get you 8000 BONUS points on your gift card purchase (details here), so take advantage of it now, and you'll have those purchases out of the way for the holidays too!
*Buy a gift card to pay for your purchase!-You don't recieve Optimum points when you purchase a gift card, unless its a Shoppers Drug Mart gift card! So if you are planning on buying $50 worth of items, purchase a $50 Shoppers gift card before you shop, that's an extra 500 points!
*Shop on the 20x the points event days!-These can really pay off, and there is one coming up November 19!

My Plan:
I purchased $160 in Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards=1600 base points PLUS 8000 BONUS points
I plan to use the $160 in gift cards on November 19 20x the points event=32000 points!
I have also taken advantage of a number of Optimum offers in the last couple weeks!
All in addition to the points I already had!

I am counting down to the Shoppers Drug Mart MEGA BONUS Redemption Event! Are you?!


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