Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting The Most From A Shoppers Drug Mart "Spend Your Points" Event!

When you redeem your Optimum points during a Shoppers Drug Mart "Spend your points" event, you get more value for those points than you would usually. This can vary from event to event, but you can always maximize on the value you are getting using a few tips and tricks!

Always Look For Sales!--This is kind of a given on this site, but I thought I'd list it anyway as a reminder! If you can get something on sale when redeeming, you will save money and can get more from the value of your points!

Use Your Coupons!--Combine any sales that are on during the event with available coupons using the Weekly Coupon Matchups in order to save even more, and be able to stretch your points value further!

Look For Bonus Offers!--Even though you will not receive any base points on the items you purchase using your points, you will still receive points on bonus offers that are available during the event!
Bonus offers can be found on the Shoppers Bonus Optimum Offers page, some will be automatic, and others require a printable coupon, so make sure you have what you need!
**Bonus points will only be awarded on offers that require you to buy an item, not offers that require a certain amount spent! For example, you would get the points on an offer of "Get 1000 Optimum points when you buy Children's Tylenol", but would not get the points on a "Get 1000 Optimum points when you spend $20 on Garnier" offer.

Contact Your Local Store!--If you have a specific plan of what you are looking to buy, contact the store you plan to shop at and see that they have it in stock before you make the trip. You will need to redeem your points at the bonus level all at one store, so if they don't have the major things on your list, you'll want to consider shopping at another location instead!

These tips should help you get the biggest bang for your buck during a Shoppers Drug Mart "Spend your points" event!

Check out the SBLB article Maximizing Your Optimum Points to make sure you always have enough points stocked up for events like this!