Tuesday, November 13, 2012

BRAG!--SDM and Food Basics

This morning I made a trip into town and took advantage of the Shoppers Drug Mart gift card promo, as well as the Customer Appreciation Day coupon to rack up some points! The gift cards are prizes for SBLB readers, and the rest will be used by my hubby for gas instead of using cash!

Also stopped by Food Basics and was lucky enough to grab a few of the last Dr Oetker pizzas on sale!

When all was said at and done, I walked away with...
*Great savings on video games for my hubby and brother for Christmas!
*36,460 Optimum points (worth $95.95 during Mega Redemption in a few weeks)!
*$24.00 in free yogurt coupons!
*53% savings on our groceries for the week!

Check out the details on the Bragging Rights page!