Monday, November 26, 2012

Shoppers Drug Mart Spend Your Points Event Dec 1&2

As many have seen from sneak peeks posted of next week's flyer, the anticipated Mega Redemption Event has been downgraded this year to a "spend your points" event, essentially cutting the additional bonus value in HALF from what we were expecting!

So, the question becomes, how have your plans changed?

As this has been an annual event for a few years now, we had planned 2x$250 redemptions into our budget for December, as someone would a regular Christmas bonus they receive from their employer. With that $500 total being cut back to $420, we have some decisions to make as to whether it's worth it to follow through with our original plans, or sit tight and see what the coming weeks bring.

Shoppers Drug Mart is always very tight lipped about promotions, and add on top of that the rumors flying around about a potential Mega Redemption Event AFTER this spend your points event (perhaps after Christmas), it's difficult to know what to do!

Right now we are thinking of following through with 1 redemption on December 1 of $210, and holding onto the remainder of our points just in case something extra does come up later on. It will really depend on what the sales in the food flyer look like for this weekend, which I haven't been able to get my hands on yet.

I guess this just goes to show that you can never plan 100%!