Friday, December 14, 2012

Save Big, Live Better! Is Moving...and We Need Your Help! will be moving to a new platform and host in January! Blogger is unfortunately unable to keep up with the posts and traffic we are bringing to the table, so it's time to UPGRADE!

With that said, I would like to clarify the following...
*All old links will still be functional and will direct to the new site just the same!
*You will still access the new site at!
*Our Facebook page/community will still remain active and in tact!
*The site should not experience any downtime during the switch!

As far as any of you are concerned, the only things that will change will be...
*The appearance of the site!
*The loading time...should be MUCH faster! YAY!
*You will need to subscribe again to our daily email in order to receive each days posts to your inbox! (I will post about re-subscribing when the time is approaching so you dont forget!)

The use of a new platform opens up a new range of options that can be added to the site! So here's where the request for help comes in!

What do YOU want from! Since we are already redesigning and moving the site with the help of a skilled developer, now is the chance to try and add and new features that will make saving with SBLB easier for you!

Please feel free to leave your comments/suggestions on the SBLB Facebook page, or click the CONTACT button and send me a private message!

Thanks in advance everyone for your continued support, and helping grow our community so much that we NEED to move!