Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Couponer's New Year--3 Things You Should Do To Start Saving More!

A new year can represent all kinds of new starts and opportunities to improve your current situation, and for a couponer this is no different!

As much as we all shed that single tear when we have to clear out all of our 2012 coupons, leaving our binders bare and sad looking, this is a prefect opportunity to start the new year right and guarantee your saving success!

Here are three things you should take care of right off the bat to get the ball rolling in 2013...

Organize Your Coupon Binder--
While your binder has the fewest coupons it will probably have in it all year long, take advantage of that space and re-organize your binder!
This can involve re-evaluating a couple of key factors, such as...
--Categories:How did your system work out for you last year? Were you able to find things you were looking for quickly while planning shopping lists or stumbled upon a great in store deal, or should you break down your categories to be more specific?
--Coupon Holder:Is it time for an upgrade? Think about how full your binder/holder was at the end of 2012, should you upgrade to a larger holder in preparation of that?

You can find more great tips on the Art Of Organizing Your Coupon Binder in a guest post written by my friend Coupon Christine!

Re-Order Mailable Coupons--
This means all mailable coupons! Not only do I contact companies that have supplied me with savings on products my family uses in the past again, but I go through all of the coupon sites that supply manufacturer coupons online and make sure that I have ordered everything I can!
This is a fantastic time to start a listing as you go through the sites and make note of when you can order your coupons again (for those that allow you to).
Be sure to check the hidden portals as well...

Plan/Re-evaluate Your Stockpile--
Stockpiling is really where you will save the most money in your grocery budget, so you want to plan all the specifics of this out so you know you are maximizing your savings!
The key to a good stockpile, besides of course stocking up on items at the lowest possible price, is having a plan. Just because you already have that plan in place though, doesnt mean it isnt a good idea to go back and re-evaluate every few months as things change!
Some things to consider when planning for your stockpile...
*How long do you want it to last?
*What items do you plan on stockpiling?
*Create a listing of your "rock bottom" prices for each item you plan to stockpile so you know what to look out for on the Weekly Matchups!
*If you already have a stockpile, take inventory of what you already have and plan from there!

If you are new to couponing, be sure to check out Learning To Coupon In Canada to get you started on the right foot!

Although these 3 steps can get a little involved, the work you do now will save you LOADS of time and money throughout the year!