Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Have You Joined LUB Wins?!

There's a new site called LUB Wins that you have to check out! It was shared with me by SBLB reader Lynda when she won a $25.00 Mastercard gift card...and I am now addicted!

LUB Wins is an ABSOLUTELY FREE bidding site where they give away a new gift card every 24 hours!

The key is to place the Lowest Unique Bid (get it!) to win! Free bids are added to your account every hour, and the more you log in, the more bids you earn!

If your bid has already been guessed, it will tell you how many other people guessed it, and you actually earn an extra bid every time you bump someone from having a unique bid!

It's so much fun, and free, so I had to share!