Thursday, December 20, 2012

HIGH VALUE Johnson & Johnson Coupons!

Get new HIGH VALUE coupons from HealthyEssentials with this new holiday offer!

Coupons include...
$3.00 off Polysporin
$4.00 off Neutrogena
$3.00 off Clean & Clear products
$2.00 off Johnsons Baby Lotions or Creams
$5.00 off WUB2 Aveeno
$3.00 off Listerine
$2.00 off Bandaid
$2.00 off Lubriderm
$5.00 off Adult Tylenol
$5.00 off Adult Benylin
$5.00 off Reactine

All expire December 30, so print them while you can and get hunting for those sales!