Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I just received a small shop from an SBLB reader, but for some reason the name/email didnt come through, so if this is yours...please let me know!

I was at Metro this morning and scooped the following 
2X old fashion chips $0.99 = $1.98 
1 bag of baby cut carrots=$1.49 
1 X Farmhouse Bread $2.99 coupons= Free 
1X Amooza Tw Cheese 12 pack $6.49 Kraft offer =Free 
1X Lactancia Milk 4L Bag Homo 8.49 Won coupon on Facebook =Free 
Total of order 21.46 + 0.26 
Taxes= $21.72 
Actually paid $3.73 
Even my boyfriend was impressed!

Great shop, thanks for sharing!