Monday, December 3, 2012

READER BRAG!--Real Canadian Superstore No Tax Event

SBLB reader Wing-sze B. went shopping at Real Canadian Superstore this past weekend for the Tax Free Event and sent me her shop to share with you all!

I'd been waiting for another no tax day to redeem the FPCs that would cost tax, so i went to RCSS today finally to do so.  While waiting in line, i kept warning everyone behind me that i have a whole bunch of coupons and it will probably take a long time, Most of them left, but one man didn't. He said that's ok, and he stayed.  While i was handing the cashier coupons batch by batch, I overheard the man talking to the lady behind him, He stayed because he wanted to see how i did, and if it would be like "that coupon show"! lol!  It made me laugh so hard, but i told him i am not that extreme yet and that show was from the states, we don't get as many coupons as the states do.  Oh i was so happy when he said he wanted to stay to see how i did. and i think i did well enough!    
I love couponing more than anything now! It helps my family and it keeps me moving everyday, rather than just sit in front of the computer playing games or chatting, i have something bettter to do, and the mission is greater--save for my little family:)
So this is how i did today:

Temptations cat treats 4x1.50-4x0.50= 1.00 eaClorox2 5x3.97-5xFPC = FREEFruitopia 1.00Coconut milk 1.29Kinder egg 3x0.97 -3xFPC = FREELindt bar 2x2.50-2xFPC = FREEM&Ms 20x0.68-20xFPC = FREEScrubbing bubbles 2x3.98 – BOGO = 1.99 eaChinese eggplant 0.49Lettuce 0.98Colgate toothpaste PM 3x1.00-3x1.00=FREESweet potato 0.73Ginger 0.49Basa fillet 7.00Peek Freans cookies PM 2x1.88-BOGO= 0.94eaMiracle whip PM 3.00Sidekicks PM 4x0.99-B3G1= 0.75 eaNivea hand cream 5.37-5.00 =0.37Kashi cereal 4.48 – FPC = FREERice krisipes cereal 4x3.97-4xFPC = FREE
Reg price + HST: $116.93
Coupons used: $74.59Out of pocket: $28.33Tax saved: $10.18Total Saving: 72%
Thanks so much for sharing your story and your shop! Great savings!