Thursday, December 20, 2012

Win A Special K Coupon Booklet!

Congrats to our winner,  Melissa Rosenberg! You're prize will be in the mail tomorrow morning!

For those still looking, check out the post for the BOGO FREE Kashi coupon and click on the picture!

Enter to win over $20 in Special K coupons including THREE FREE PRODUCT COUPONS!

To enter, find this picture hidden somewhere on! It wont be in plain sight, you will need to click a hidden link to reveal it, we cant make it too easy!

HINT#1--Look for spots that your pointer turns into a finger, that means you are on a clickable link!

HINT#2--The link could be words or a picture, so take your time!

HINT#3--You will not need to go back any earlier than December to find it!

HINT#4--Think edible!

Entries will be accepted until 8pm ET tonight (December 20) at which point a winner will be announced!